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Years ago, our selections weren’t as expansive as what we see today. Consumers at one point equated hardwood floors to “what my grandmother had under wall-to-wall carpeting.” That probably bring s a smile to many of you, because you realize it’s true. But time has a way of sorting out true value, and over the decades, thousands of square yard of carpet have been ripped up to reveal the hidden treasure of hardwood floors. Add to that the improved manufacturing methods and enhanced durability, and consumers are clamoring to claim a bit of nature’s forest for their own home.


The 2014-2015 design trends for hardwood include some interesting twists:


  • Wide boards (5”  to 9”) are trending forward and especially suited to large, open floor plans.
  • Random plank designs bring visual interest to floors in smaller spaces.
  • Every color range shares a percentage of overall sales, but weathered-looks, limed woods, and gray-toned woods are particularly strong. Black and brown-toned woods are somewhat subsiding in popularity.
  • Contemporary designs are favoring smooth, even-grained hardwoods in neutral tones. The look is natural and understated.
  • Satin finishes are coming on strong rather than high-gloss, which are harder to maintain. Lower gloss finishes hide dust and imperfections.
  • More traditional designs are embracing smoked woods, paint-infused hardwoods, hand-scrapped woods, and of course, vintage woods. 
  • There is a European trend on the horizon that addresses transitional design, and hardwoods are in line with this Belgian-style design. Dark, heavy stains are making way for more natural, raw-wood looks. The finishes are matte and conducive to an unfinished feel to the floor. 

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