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Are you looking for a creative company? You are in the right place! We specialize in all kinds of designs and custom work. We have done work from tile - carpet - hardwood in-lace all the way to strobe light floors. For a unique floor you need Your Floor. Please feel free to browse through our variety of designs we have performed in the past.




Border sections wrapped around fireplace hearths, decorative thresholds at case openings, doorways or corner blocks in conjunction with exotic hardwood borders.border Sometimes they’re randomly placed in a room as small medallions, often in room corners or as a central focal point. Hardwood floor inlays are available from a few hundred dollars on up, such as a fireplace wrap around the hearth, kitchen island surrounding, a decorative threshold in a doorway or small accent at the top of a stair or landing. More extensive applications such as a solid walnut border running around the entire perimeter of a room, medallions placed in the entryway or center of a room or an entire inlay floor are also available.




These room perimeter designs often used in a specific room, around kitchen islands, accent an oriental carpet or section of furniture. These products of many types of domestic and exotic hardwood species can also be used on steps, landings and at room transitions. They can also be used as a pattern of flooring surrounding a room or transition area.

Aside from hardwood medallions and other designs seen on other pages, borders of any design, simple and intricate are possible. Designs without using prefabricated wood floor products include narrow/wide one solid wood borders. Borders such as in our photo example can be used from contrasting hardwoods to define an area. Different sized widths can be used. While narrow strip material is often harder to obtain, 2 1/4" common strip flooring is often used for simple border designs.

Installing such a design can be a bit perplexing, requiring the use of a circular saw. In addition, when the field (main area) is trimmed, routing and splinting of bordered items should be considered. This insures the whole project is connected with surface areas having the same vertical height. Failure to do so will cause creaking or squeaking sounds with everyday foot traffic as the boards will rub against one another.

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