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Iron balusters returned to the forefront of American home design in the last ten years. Prior to that, wooden balusters could be found in almost every home. Wooden balusters are still very popular, but iron has taken the lead as the baluster of choice especially for those building custom homes.

Wrought iron balusters are a great way to add style and security to a new railing, or an existing one. Balusters really work to create an elegant look with any railing, converting them from the standard hand rail, into a piece of art worthy of your home’s décor. Of course if visual aesthetic isn't as important to you, wrought iron balusters are also at the forefront of safety. Nothing else will enable your railing to confidently hold your entire body weight, to keep you safe every time you’re on the stairs.

In case you were wondering, or haven’t heard the term before, wrought iron balusters are the metal rods that run between the top and bottom of the railing. They work to provide style accents, as well as added durability for any railing. They help to distribute weight more evenly, so that your hand rail can easily support more weight, and stand up to heavy use for many years. There are wooden balusters available if you don’t like the idea of iron, but they don’t provide the same level of security, and won’t last quite as long.

We are here to walk you step by step through all the options available and find the best one suited for your home. To remodel your staircase call us today for a free consultation.

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